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Useful tips and advice for more efficient remote communication

Paulo Salgado, university professor and communication consultant, was the guest of the most recent edition of City Café. The communication specialist left, during his presentation, a set of useful tips for those who remain in remote work regime.

The City Café initiative returned this Tuesday – again in online conference format – in a session dedicated to “Assertiveness and Efficiency in Distance Communication”. The choice of the theme, inspired by the period that requires a widespread adoption of remote work, made the conversation stimulating for the approximately 90 people who attended the session, live.

Paulo Salgado started by guaranteeing the need to have, more and more, “a generalized concern with the way we communicate, especially in a period when calls (videoconferences / calls), meetings, direct calls, demonstrations, among other online formats predominate”.

To illustrate the presentation, the university professor developed a communication proposal based on four pillars – posture and voice; mindset; message; scenery, light and sound – in order to avoid “the most surreal behaviors that some of us will have witnessed”. Aspects such as the frame of the webcam, the light or the sound that we project should also not be disregarded, as “they can help to convey our message and interfere with our daily motivation, which is a permanent challenge for all of us these days”.

There followed 15 key points, with useful tips, which can easily be adopted, of which several recommendations stand out, such as “the need to adopt an effective and concise speech, in an adapted tone, with a willingness to accept other points of view and, if necessary, possible, always maintaining eye contact with the interlocutor ”.

In a session marked by the active participation of the public, via live chat, Paulo Salgado also mentioned, “from a more organizational point of view”, that the promotion of happy hours, leisure moments or “a simple call to find out how a collaborator is doing” can be determinants to guarantee the good environment desired by all.

“There are already a number of tools that allow us to work in a network [Trello, Slack, Teams …], but that does not replace the need that we have to contact each other, ask for and give feedback, or to be authentic and generous with the our colleagues, ”concluded the City Café guest.

On the next 14th, City Café will have a new edition, dedicated to the theme “360º Leadership: open and collaborative”, with Anabela Moreira, certified in coaching. Registration is open on the official page of the activity.

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