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Stepping Out Visits

Know the development and innovation in the city

The citizen and his challenges are the center of the transformation of the city, innovation is the vehicle to accelerate in the direction of results of great impact.

The Porto Innovation Hub (PIH) is an instrument and an open space to all potential innovation agents in the city. It involves citizens from the most diverse areas, universities, schools, public institutions, foundations, companies and other entities, in the construction of a more innovative city and creativity, with a common objective of improving the quality of life of Porto citizens.

Stepping Out Visits intend to contribute to the creation and development of technological innovation, products, services, business and environmental promotion in the city of Porto. Through a set of knowledge sharing visits between innovation agents in the city, the PIH aims to be a vehicle for demonstrating the potential for innovation in transforming the city.

Stepping Out

Come discover landmarks of the city of Porto

The Stepping Out Visits initiative integrated into the Porto Innovation Hub activity aims to invite all citizens and visitors of Porto to discover historical sites and emblematic infrastructures of the city.

Since the beginning of the first edition, the Civil Engineer was the theme that launched this initiative and shows where innovation is present and how it participates in the construction of the city and in the modernization of society.

The Civil Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto and the Order of Engineers – North Region are associated with this initiative. The objective is to promote a set of visits to emblematic places in Porto with the community.

Agenda Stepping Out Visits 2020
  • Postponed – Arca d’Água, Torreão da Mina and Monte da Viúva
  • Postponed – Pavilions of the Parque das Águas
  • Postponed – Bairro de Lordelo
  • Postponed – Parque das Águas
  • Postponed – Golden Ejector

We challenge you to be a part of this transformation for the innovation.
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