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Marta Brandão highlighted the role of Information Management in the digital society

The exploration of the concepts of Information and Communication were highlighted in another edition of City Café. In this online session, Marta Brandão, specialist in Information Management, highlighted the relevance of implementing an infocommunicational model in public and private entities, giving as an example the work developed in the Municipality of Porto.

The most recent edition of City Café, dedicated to the theme “Managing information from the perspective of the Citizen and the Municipality”, was presented by Marta Brandão, a senior technician at the Municipality of Porto and specialist in Information and Communication Management on Digital Platforms.
At the beginning of the session, Marta Brandão started by defining the concepts of Information and Communication, “increasingly relevant terms”, associated with the role of the Information Manager, which, according to the current paradigm, also encompasses the figure of the citizen, as a quality prosumer, because it also produces and generates relevant information in the Citizen vs Municipality relationship.

Having as a case study the work developed in her doctoral thesis in the context of the Municipality of Porto, Marta stressed the need to “evaluate, organize, classify and disseminate” all the information produced, after considering that “no information can be disregarded in the relationship between the Municipality and the Citizen ”.
“Currently, we have an active and continuous information life cycle, so that this information is in an initial phase, of circulation, treatment or storage. The big goal is always to reach the dissemination phase, so that this information can serve its true purpose of reaching the citizen or its purpose”, said Marta Brandão.
During this session, the guest also highlighted the permanent innovation in infocommunication systems, both in the public and private sectors. In the context of the Porto City Council, a municipal information system is proposed – supported by a sustainable information architecture and the use of digital platforms that ensure interoperability of systems -, with the aim of spreading information among the different organic structures, allowing the creation of an integrated model of access to information, improvement in process management and provision of public services to citizens.
As a final note, the invited speaker proposes the construction of an integrated vision through four levels of mediation: informational, communicational, administrative and technological.
The online conference – which already has more than 260 visualizations – ended with the deconstruction of the “e-Gov” (e-Government) concept in modern society, with Marta Brandão underlining that “it is increasingly necessary to mediate processes and take advantage of digital tools, encompassing the human component of the entire back office of a public institution or a private company, always thinking about the end user, the customer or the citizen ”.
This session is available in its entirety on the YouTube channel of the Porto Digital Association. You can review it here.
We recall that the next edition of City Café is scheduled for May 5th and will be dedicated to the theme “Assertiveness and Efficiency in Distance Communication”. Paulo Salgado, university professor at the University of Minho and at ISMAI, specialist in Communication, will be the guest. Registration is open on the official page of the initiative.

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