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Anabela Moreira pointed out advantages of an open and collaborative leadership

The most recent edition of the City Café initiative was dedicated to the theme “360º Leadership: open and collaborative” and included the participation of Anabela Moreira, a specialist in Human Resources management and coach.

How can we be better leaders? It was precisely from this point that another City Café online conference took place, promoted by Porto City Council, through the Porto Innovation Hub.
To respond to this challenge, the consultant Anabela Moreira was invited and proposed to address the most common behavior patterns among leaders and employees.

“I am increasingly convinced that, in a way, we are all leaders, because we all have the ability to influence or condition the behavior of those around us. We are all responsible for the people who look after us and for us ”, started by affirming the creative thinker.

According to Anabela Moreira, among the characteristics indispensable to a true leader, there must be “the charisma, the capacity to be human, humanistic, as well as the ability to adapt, to know how to listen to others, to have a voice and to give a voice” . “Leadership is a competence that we work with every day. However, sometimes we are leaders and sometimes we learn to lead again ”, adds the coach and founder of Act Together.

The Human Resources motivation specialist also found four fundamental pillars that must be “intrinsically associated with a good leader”. They are: Responsibility, Observation, Interest and Empathy.

At a time marked by physical distance between leaders / team leaders and employees, leisure moments – “the famous coffee breaks” – the need for interest in the well-being of all and meetings must be increasingly necessary. more structured and participated; it is important that everyone make themselves heard ”.

In a final note to the approximately 60 spectators who followed the live broadcast – in an interaction marked by the traditional question and answer period for the speaker -, on the official page of City Café, the public also had the opportunity to retain the final message of Anabela Moreira : “A good leadership is trained every day and there are no perfect scenarios, only better and worse companies”, concluded the guest.

City Café will return next June, be aware of the Porto Innovation Hub’s agenda of events.

The session “360º Leadership: open and collaborative” is available, in full, here.

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