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In-House Innovation

Transforming the relationship between the citizens and Porto Municipality

Service innovation — (re)design of more efficient and accessible public services, guided by service design principles

Faced with a competitive and constantly changing environment, an accelerated pace of change and transformation is imposed on public and private institutions.

In the public sphere the pressure is constant, there is a growing demand from society to meet emerging needs, thus requiring the application of new practices in the operation and management of organizations, and improvement of services and processes.

As a central instrument of the innovation strategy, the Municipality of Porto seeks to apply the guiding principles of service design to the (re) design of more efficient and accessible public services, as well as to promote a sustainable organizational change.

The aim is to equip the organic structures of the Municipality of Porto with skills based on creative and analytical methodologies, which help to understand the needs of citizens, transform the way of operating services, more efficient and efficient, reducing cost and time, and build a relationship of trust with citizens.

Transform the way the municipality builds and delivers its services, from the frontstage to the backstage, making them modern and efficient;

Build a relationship of trust with the citizens: appeal to transparency and integrity of the services and decision making; appeal to safety in the use of citizen’s personal data.

Strengthen the relationship between team through initiatives that promote reflection, the debate and the transformation of ideas in solutions for the city’s challenges;

Contribute to the optimization and simplification of the processes and services by putting the citizen and/or collaborator in the center of the process of innovation;

Support and promote the development of innovative projects for the Municipality, by using creative and analytics methodologies, where the team and citizen participation are central factors.

Build an efficient and proactive organizational culture, through projects and initiatives that promote an open internal communication, incentives the transparency and integrity, and the access to new technologies;

Porto Innovation Hub's actions and initiatives

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"Muito interessante a ideia de que a inovação pode ser incremental e com pequenas mudanças ou passos, mesmo sem grandes “ideias geniais”.”

“Importância da recolha e tratamento de dados, transformando-os em informação importante para as cidades”

“Equilíbrio entre casos de uso, conceitos e exemplo prático com hands-on.”


Service design methodology capacitation sessions;

Learning and application of creative and analytics methods: service design and design thinking;

Exploration sessions and co-creation of challenges and identified problems.


Exploration and problem resolutions through the service design methodology;

Quick redesign of the service with application of service design methods project;


Transformation of services through the service design methodology;

Involvement of several departments/sectors;

Redesign of the end-to-end service experience.

We challenge you to be a part of this transformation for the innovation.
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