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City Café already brought more than 250 people to PIH

Since July 2019, the City Café initiative, promoted by Porto Innovation Hub, invites, monthly, for an informal dialogue, different specialists in different areas to present and discuss topics related to innovation, entrepreneurship and current events.

With five editions completed, City Café already counts more than 250 participants in the sessions that aim to promote motivation, collaboration and knowledge in its participants.

Taking into account the trends that support and motivate creativity and efficiency in a professional environment, different themes dedicated to innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in the city of Porto were presented: “Service design principles and data driven cities”, with John Lynch; “Better meetings, better decisions”, with Bernadette Wesley; “The innovation mission for smart growth”, with Rui Coutinho; o “Unleashing the power of cities data”, by Miguel de Castro Neto; and, in the last edition, “Sustainability, the new fuel for progress”, with Inês Santos Silva.

“The quality and relevance of the event”, “the originality and practical content of the themes”, “innovation as everyone’s responsibility” and “the importance of collecting and processing data in the transformation of cities”, were some of the main lessons learned and reasons pointed out by City Café participants, for their frequent presence in the initiative’s sessions.

Having seen the results achieved, the PIH is therefore committed to continue the initiative, having already presented the dates and speakers of the next scheduled sessions.

On February 14, Eduardo Ribeiro, Enterprise Agile Coach, and Sofia Peixoto, Agile Coach, both from Critical Software, will be responsible for promoting the session “Rethinking ways of working through Agile”, which will take place, similarly to the previous ones, between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm, at the PIH facilities.

For March, the session is also confirmed, with the creativity facilitator Angela Barroso, scheduled for March 19, with a theme that focuses on “serious games” and fun dynamics, to promote collaboration in teams and happiness in the workplace.

Remember that all editions of City Café are open to the public, upon prior registration through the Porto Innovation Hub website.

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