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Eduardo Ribeiro and Sofia Peixoto presented the Agile movement at City Café

The sixth edition of City Café invited the duo Eduardo Ribeiro and Sofia Peixoto, ‘agile coaches’ from Critical Software, who presented, at Porto Innovation Hub, the new methodology and work process focused on project management.

Last Friday, Porto Innovation Hub (PIH) auditorium received another edition of the City Café initiative, an informal coffee break, designed for teams from the Municipality of Porto. In this session, PIH challenged ‘coaches’ Eduardo Ribeiro and Sofia Peixoto, from Critical Software, who presented the Agile methodology to more than 50 participants.

The Agile movement promotes dynamic interaction and allows for constant delivery through an incremental model, in addition to fostering collaboration between the work group, continuous planning and permanent evolution and learning.

“If you have already used the famous ‘to do list’, you are already being agile without knowing. Basically, you are already facilitating your work. Nowadays there are ‘boards’ that constantly flow and that can be applied to any situation that happens to us, be it professional or personal”, began by saying guest Eduardo Ribeiro, after a presentation by everyone who attended the session.

The Kanban method, of Japanese origin, was also highlighted in this edition, having been recommended as a new management tool, whose main advantage lies in the possibility of viewing the volume and general workflow.

“What do the boards bring us? Organization, demonstration of our work in a general plan and visibility on our workload. In addition, this method can be used for everything and in the different formats that exist, from the most traditional post-its to the digital ones to the best known Trello”, referred the ‘agile coach’ Sofia Peixoto.

The guests also guaranteed that the Kanban method should not be seen as a way of “controlling our superiors”, but rather as “a more collaborative and supportive tool that guarantees more autonomy for the elements of a work group”. “Obviously, this day-to-day management has to be balanced and committed, agile and simple. In this field, task prioritization can also be relevant”, says Eduardo Ribeiro, Enterprise Agile Coach.

Before the end of the session entitled “Rethinking ways of working through Agile”, the public was also challenged to create their task boards, both professionally and personally.

City Café will return next month, on the 19th, between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm, with the theme “Serious Fun: a tool to manage and develop teams”. The guest of the seventh edition will be Ângela Barroso, creativity facilitator and ‘agile coach’. Once again, entry is free, upon prior registration on the official Porto Innovation Hub page.

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