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City Café promotes knowledge sharing at Porto Innovation Hub

The Innovation and Environment area of Municipality of Porto, through the Porto Innovation Hub (PIH), is promoting a new session of the initiative entitled “City Café”, which proposes to create in PIH an informal moment of collaborative dialogue between speakers and guests. This coffee break-inspired activity is participatory in nature and is intended primarily to foster collaboration among its participants once a month.

This initiative debuted on July 25 with a first session led by irish designer John Lynch, founder of Context Studio. In this sold-out session, the discussion focused on “Service Design Principles and Data-Driven Cities” and sought to introduce some of the basic principles of service design.

Continuing the work developed in the first edition, the City Café initiative will present, by the end of the year, three new guests who will work on topics such as team organization, talent development and human resources skills, innovation management, new digital paradigm in society and all related changes, as well as other related topics such as smart city development, technology and sustainability.

On October 10th, between 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm, the Porto Innovation Hub (PIH) welcomes Bernadette Wesley, an organizational consultant, who seeks to support organizations and communities to co-create “in a healthy, conscious and productive way”. The US guest will present how sociocracy makes teams and organizations more effective and efficient by sharing agile methods, tailored to meet the complex challenges of large organizations.

On November 21, at 1:30 pm, PIH welcomes Rui Coutinho, executive director of Porto Business School’s Center for Business Innovation, who will address the importance of promoting and managing innovation and the new digital paradigm in the city.

To close the year, on December 12, at 1:30 pm, Miguel de Castro Neto, assistant professor and assistant director of NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS), will share knowledge about the promotion and development of ideas and business creation with based on data science, and will share knowledge on topics such as business intelligence and smart cities.

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