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Porto Innovation Hub places Porto Civil Engineering on display

The “Stepping Out Innovation Cycle – Civil Engineering on Display” opens next September 24th at Porto Innovation Hub. This initiative presents a program, open to the public, free of charge, dedicated to the topic of Civil Engineering, from September 24 to December 13.

Starting from the exploration of different areas of Civil Engineering intervention, the “Stepping Out Innovation Cycle – Civil Engineering on Display” results from the collaboration of the Municipality of Porto with the Department of Civil Engineering of FEUP, in partnership with the Rectory of the University of Porto and the Order of Engineers – Northern Region.

This joint initiative for the dissemination of Civil Engineering innovation takes place in the context of the “Stepping Out – Civil Engineering at Show” activity, which has been part of the Porto Innovation Hub (PIH) since 2016 with the objective of engage citizens and visitors in discovering the innovation that has transformed the city in recent centuries.

In this context, the “Stepping Out Innovation Cycle – Civil Engineering on Display” presents a program that reveals the scientific and technological knowledge that underpins many of the emblematic works and fundamental infrastructures that contribute to the city’s development. The program has a Conference Cycle, dedicated to the debate on the impact of the different areas of Civil Engineering in improving the citizens.

In PIH will be exhibited a show where will be present various instruments, models and historical prototypes, innovative in its time, which have been supporting the evolution and development of Civil Engineering.

At the same time, an investigation will be given to “Fora de Portas” visits, technically guided meetings in historical sites and emblems of the city of Porto accompanied by a publication by Sebentas d’Obra.

The first three sessions will take place on October 10, 15 and 22, with the respective themes and moderators: “Porto Traffic Analysis”, by José Pedro Tavares; “The marginal of the Douro”, by Fernando Veloso Gomes; “Cultural Heritage and Risk Analysis” by Esmeralda Paupério and Xavier Romão. Each session will feature the debate on the area under discussion with invited personalities, the presentation of recent research projects and works where this innovation is integrated. We challenge all interested and curious people to discover how technology has been transforming the city we live in and improving the infrastructure that supports our society in Invicta’s most emblematic places.

The activities will be regularly broadcasted on the Porto News Portal communication channels and Porto Innovation Hub. All initiatives included in the program are open to the public, free of charge, subject to scheduling or prior registration, from September 24 to December 13.

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