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City Café: themes for the next sessions are already known

The City Café initiative, inspired by a coffee break, has over 500 participants in the seven editions held since July 2019. The next three editions are already scheduled for April and May, in an online conference format. The first will take place this Thursday.

The next edition of City Café, on April 23, with the theme “Managing information from the citizen and Municipality point of view”, with Marta Brandão, senior technician at the Municipality of Porto, will be dedicated to the sharing of knowledge between the municipal teams, the community and outside experts. Through the exploration of the concepts of Information and Citizen, focused, above all, on the mediated relationship between the municipalities and their citizens, the invited speaker will try to explain how we can create a management model capable of aggregating the informational, communicational, administrative and technological dimension, in a context in which the use of digital platforms increases exponentially.

At the beginning of next month, on May 5, it will be up to Paulo Salgado, a university professor and specialist in Communication, to address the theme “Assertiveness and Effectiveness in remote communication”. At this City Café, we will discuss how isolation and social distance make distance communication more challenging. As meetings, online conferences, video calls, team management, workshops and training can benefit from a better communication approach and greater assertiveness in the use of means, language and posture.

Also in May, on the 14th, Anabela Moreira, a specialist in Human Resources Management, trainer and coach, will lead the session “360º Leadership: open and collaborative”, which will focus on the new behavior patterns among team leaders and employees , the importance of sustainable and horizontal leadership, with a focus on “the perfection of leaders who have always been imperfect”.

Sessions are already open for registration on the Porto Innovation Hub website, on the page dedicated to City Café. It should be remembered that City Café will once again make the transition to the digital universe. For this reason, the session can be followed, live, with free access and live chat interaction, through the Porto Innovation Hub website.

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