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Data Science: 5 reasons to keep an eye on Hackacity 2023

We live in an era where data drives decisions. Data scientists are like tomorrow’s architects: they use open data to make cities better, healthier and happier. This is the exact purpose of Porto’s most exhilarating hackathon: Hackacity. If you’re passionate about using data to address challenges related to sustainability, mobility, or energy, Hackacity is where you need to be to make a true difference transforming Porto into a better city.

In this article, we’ll tell you why participating in Hackacity 2023 is more than a huge boost in your career as a data scientist. It’s also about fun – and prizes too. Who said solving real-world problems can’t be enjoyable? Let’s dig deeper.

What exactly is Hackacity?

As the name suggests, Hackacity is a unique hackathon where teams of data professionals – above 18 years old – gather to tackle Porto’s present and future challenges using open city data. This initiative is coordinated by Porto Digital, within the municipal initiative Porto Innovation Hub, in representation of Porto Municipality.

Held annually since 2016, Hackacity has brought together more than 30 teams and 120 data scientists from different companies and from the academic universe.

“I’m not ready to take part yet, but I really want to know more about the format and the topics”

This year, the event will take place on November 24th in Museu do Carro Elétrico, but before that Porto will host two meetups in UPTEC, as part of the Road to Hackacity.

These sessions, occurring on November 9th and 16th, will bring together participants and non-participants in Hackacity to warm them up for the big event. Data experts and lovers of all things related to sustainability, mobility, energy, or circular economy are more than welcome to join. It’s the perfect chance to socialize and, if you attend both meetups, to win gift cards.


5 reasons to participate in Hackacity

So why join Hackacity? Actually you should ask yourself “Why not join Hackacity?”. We’re sharing 5 reasons for you to participate – besides the free food and drinks, obviously.


1. Develop your skills
During the event, you get to showcase your expertise, creativity and problem-solving skills. This dynamic can result in professional recognition that potentially leads to job offers or collaborations with industry leaders. 

2. Connect with the best
Hackacity promotes peer networking and mentorship from industry experts. You’ll meet and connect with mentors from top tech firms and universities. That’s right: you’ll be rubbing shoulders with top professionals, including Evgheni Polisciuc, Filipa Ferraz, and Pedro Chaves, to name a few.  

3. Master your solution
Your knowledge can make a noticeable difference. With the solutions you come up with during Hackacity, you can positively impact Porto’s community and even redefine how the city operates in the future. 

4. Hack some prizes
Your skills will be rewarded, sure, but what if we told you that recognition can also come in the form of prizes? There are prizes ranging from 1000€ to 3000€ (awarded in gift cards) and they will surely sweeten the game. 

5. Seize the experience
Lastly, we all cherish a good memory. Hackacity is an experience that will bring you the thrill of problem-solving, the joy of collaborating, and the knowledge that you’re making a real impact. It will stay with you for the years to come.

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