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Gonçalo Hall is the next guest of City Café

The next session of City Café is scheduled for March 17, at 2pm, and will be held in webinar format. Gonçalo Hall is the next guest of the initiative who will look at the importance and advantages of Remote Work today.

In the next edition of City Café, Gonçalo Hall, a specialist in the field of Remote Work and organizer of the Nómada Digital conference will address the theme “Remote Work: a new way of working“.

In an unprecedented session, promoted in a webinar format, the main challenges of remote work will be addressed and some tips on how to better manage resources, time and tasks will be shared, making work more productive and effective.

Remote Work is a reality that is increasingly present in the daily lives of companies, however implementing this new way of working can be considered a real challenge.

Gonçalo Hall has been helping companies and individuals to work remotely successfully. In his spare time, the consultant specialized in the field of Remote Work interviews thought leaders on this topic in his own podcast, “The Remote Work Movement Podcast”. Gonçalo also organizes workshops and is invited to various events to help change the mentality of people and organizations.

To participate in this webinar you must access the City Café page at the beginning of the event.

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