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Porto Innovation Hub

Innovation in the transformation of the city.

Porto Innovation Hub (PIH) aims to demonstrate the potential of the innovation in the cities transformation, highlighting the direct impact that this relationship has on the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens, the contribution it has on the creation of skilled employment, and on its potential to project the city towards new levels of development.

Based on the work of Porto’s innovation and creativity ecosystem, PIH aims to show examples of the results obtained by investigators and entrepreneurs of the city, how this work is reflected in the development of Porto and how it positions itself on the international scene. PIH is expected to contribute to the strengthening of the relationship between innovation and transformation of Porto.

What is innovation?

To innovate is to bring forth news, renew, to invent, to create. To innovate is generating value. There are several meanings for innovation depending on the nature of its object: product, service, process, market or organizational innovation; open, closed, disruptive or radical innovation.

Far beyond the technological and economical aspects, there is an extraordinary human dimension in innovation; there is the questioning, the dissatisfaction and conquest of Man. Innovation will, then, be the equilibrium of forces between creativity and reality. The base equilibrium for renewal, reinvention and recreation of societies.

House of innovation of Porto

Why Porto?

Nowadays, Porto is an aggregator of innovation and creativity and it is fundamental a continuous bet on knowledge, education and qualification. Porto has been witnessing a surprising transformation in its business profile. Its innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem has been capable of creating innovative companies with high employability. In Porto, we can look at the past and identify the present to project the future.

Stepping out

Porto Innovation Hub (PIH) seeks to act as a facilitator of open actions and activities, which promote the principle of co-operation with citizens, employees and managers of the Municipality.

Through the various initiatives, PIH proposes the creation of new scenarios and innovation opportunities on an urban scale </ strong>, contributing to the city’s innovation culture and encouraging the citizen to take on the innovation </ strong>.

We challenge you to be a part of this transformation for the innovation.
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